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Updated: 06.07.2021


Hey guys!  Thanks for purchasing my page-turner pedal.

I'm just a musician who happens to have an engineering degree... so I like making stuff to make life easier for other artists as well. :) 


- dolce            


Getting Started
  • Turn ON (blue indicator light)

  • Press the “CONNECT” button (blue light will flash)

  • PAIR to iPad (default name “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard”)​​

    • Change the name if desired 

  • DONE!


General Stuff
  • Try to remember to turn it off when it’s done 😂

    • If you forget though, don’t worry

    • Automatic sleep mode to save energy (after 10 minutes idle)

  • Charge with Micro USB cable (included)

    • Red indicator light turns on when charging

    • When fully charged, light turns off

    • Lasts for 40 hours of continuous use, 3 months continuous sleep mode 💤

  • Don’t spill water on it



Q1: What iPad Apps can I use it with?
A1: Pretty much any app that is an eBook, PDF reader, or slideshow viewer! 

Some commonly used Apps for musicians include:

  • Piascore

  • iReal (Pro)

  • Documents

  • PDF Expert

  • Kindle

  • Books

  • Keynote (Presentation Mode)

  • PPT (Presentation Mode)

  • Google Slides (Presentation Mode)

Q2: How do I order one?
A2: I am currently only building the pedals through personal request

Q3: Can I use the pedal at the same time as an Apple Pencil?
A3: Yup

Q4: How do I switch the pedal to a new device?
A4: It is possible to directly pair with the new device, but like most bluetooth peripherals, it is best practice to pair with one device at a time to prevent interference from multiple signals.


The suggested method is to unpair from the old iPad

  • Settings < Bluetooth 

  • Tap the blue (i) next to device name

  • Tap “Forget this Device”

Then pair it with the new device.

Q5: How do I view the virtual / on-screen keyboard?
A5: The method depends on your iOS on your iPad...

  • For iOS ~13 or 14 (sorry, I don't work for Apple, so not completely sure), tap the keyboard icon at the bottom right corner

  • For older iOS, press & hold the arrow that appears at the bottom right corner

Or... you can simply turn off the pedal. :)


Technical Stuff
  • Bluetooth Range: 10M

  • Battery:

    • Operating Voltage / Current: 3.7V, 3mA 

    • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

  • Bluetooth Frequency: 2.402 - 2.480 GHz

  • Product Dimensions: 13x6.5x6cm  (LxWxH)

  • Mounting Screws: (3)

  • Compatibility:

    • Devices

      • Designed for iPad, but can also use on: iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows

    • Apps

      • See FAQ


Maintenance & Safety

Apply the same concepts you would to any other electronic device.  


Store in a cool, dry place.  Do not get water on or inside it.  Try to keep it dust-free.  


If water does accidentally spill on it, turn the pedal OFF, wipe it down, and use a fan to dry it off. Do not turn it back on until it is dry.  


If one day there comes a time to dispose of the device (😢), please consider the environment and take it to a battery or electronics recycling bin.



Feel free to contact me for any questions... or if you have ideas for other fun stuff I can build to make your life easier!

In the meantime, please follow me on the socials (fb, insta) - would help a lot!

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