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I am driven by a deep curiosity to explore the human story, which happens to manifest into creating immersive experiences that remind guests of what it means to be alive.


Even with nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, I still remain curious.  I blur the lines between art and engineering, specializing in theme park design, music, film, and interactive / new media art installations, based in the US and Asia as both a creative and business leader, creating vision while also serving as glue for wacky and insanely talented creative-technical teams. 


I've had the privilege to be a Creative Director and Inventor as a Walt Disney R&D Imagineer, where I worked alongside and led the remarkably talented teams to design and build large-scale attractions for Disney parks worldwide. Along the way, I was somehow awarded two US patents, the Field Installation Award for Outstanding Work, and selected for the Leadership Enrichment program.


I’ve served as Chief Creative Officer of Fantasy Works Interactive, launching a US-based C-Corp while overseeing an international team between Los Angeles and Shanghai; as Executive Creative Director at MoonShine Animation, contributing to projects like the Tokyo Olympics, Moondream Reality MR Venue, projects for Taiwan’s Culture & Arts Bureau; and commissioned as the Installation Artist / Executive Creative Director for the DigiWave Experience as part of Taiwan’s Design Expo.  I now freelance for various clients including Audi, Honda, Asus, NASA, and the United Nations.


My music career has evolved from cello and guitar performance to my own unique sound of string-driven shoegaze + dreamy vocals with a dash of grit. I compose for spatial audio systems on complex systems of up to 250 speakers (so far), and have worked on soundtracks for films and games across various genres, from cyberpunk to aboriginal music.


I also founded the Vox Photo Project to teach photography as a means of giving voice to underserved communities, collaborating with diplomats and public policy makers to develop solutions for the global south.


If you can’t find me, I’m either making music, playing Nintendo, taking a nap, or swimming with sea turtles. 🌊

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