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written and produced by

dolce wang

recorded by dolce wang and aleksander sasha panich

mixed & mastered by andy baker. 

performed by

serge milenkoviç. drums

aleksandar sasha (meksiko) panich. bass
dolce wang. cello, acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, synths
album cover by xiaoqi wang

major thanks to kwan chan, larry davis, and all patreon supporters. additional thanks to Matt Cooker, Joanne Zhang, Stuart and Melissa, Great Aunts (姨婆s), Susan Logie, Kristal Adams, Tami Garcia, Yuchen Studio 玉成戲院錄音室, Yi Hua Lin 林逸樺, 呂金玲… and all of you!

release date. Jan 11, 2024

all songs registered on ascap

all rights reserved

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